Retirement planning is a serious issue. When it comes to saving for your golden years, you don’t want to take chances. As an independent site, RothIRA.com recognizes this and we strive to help you as best we can. Given that, we have three guiding principles.

1) We put our visitors first. We work to give you the clearest, most informative, most educational information that we can provide. We can’t, and we don’t want to tell you that XYZ penny stock is about to go through the roof or that you need to buy gold for your IRA. We want you to start saving today, because that’s the best way to build the biggest nest egg, and we believe in low-cost investing options so you keep more of your money.

2) We work with partners that we trust. There are all sorts of people that want to manage your money and we hear from them all the time. We’ve chosen partners that are high-quality and trustworthy. Fidelity is probably the largest money manager in the world, for example. Betterment has pioneered a new category of “Robo-investing.” We wouldn’t work with these partners if we didn’t believe in them.

3) We recognize that we can’t answer everything. Our site is an educational resource intended as a first stop. Many situations are complex and everyone’s needs varies. Where possible and where appropriate, you should always check with a tax expert or a financial expert that you can trust when you get into more complex situations.

If you have questions or concerns, please let us know.