What It Takes to Retire Overseas

More and more people are retiring overseas in search of a better climate, a change of scenery, new experiences and challenges—and yes, access to affordable healthcare. Most people who retire overseas are likely to choose a location they’ve visited before. Time spent on that sunny beach in Southeast Asia, a favorite European village or an … Continued

What Are Tontines and Are They Making a Comeback?

Before Social Security, pensions and IRAs, there was a popular retirement scheme called tontines —a type of investment pool where members paid a lump sum upfront and received annual dividend payments for life. At first glance, tontines look a lot like annuities, but there’s a macabre twist. Members buy into a tontine with a group … Continued

Navigating Bear Markets

While figures can vary, a bear market occurs when prices fall 20 percent or more from a previous high for at least two months across multiple broad market indexes, such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) and the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index (S&P 500). On average, bear markets show up every three and … Continued

Retire on Social Security Alone

With a monthly benefit averaging just $1,369 (as of June 2017), the idea to retire on Social Security alone may sound next to impossible. Still, 23 percent of married retirees and 43 percent of single retirees count on their Social Security benefit for 90 percent or more of their monthly income. Never Meant to Be Social … Continued

Long-Term Care Effects on Retirement Funds

How much can you afford to spend per year during retirement? $35,000? $50,000? $100,000? Unless you’re rich, the cost of long-term care could overwhelm your budget and deplete your retirement savings well before you die, leaving you with limited choices—via Medicaid—for your care. The annual costs for long-term care start at about $18,000 for adult … Continued

Don’t Forget Long-Term Care Insurance in Your Retirement Planning

A plan to pay for long-term care is absent from most people’s retirement plans. Why? People assume they’ll rely on family for caregiving without understanding the emotional and financial burden they could place on their loved ones. Or they underestimate how likely they are to need long-term care, think Medicare will pay for it or … Continued

Protect Yourself from Investment Fraud

Everyone knows about Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme and how he defrauded his victims of $65 billion by exploiting their trust. You’ve probably told yourself, “I never would have fallen for that.” But are you sure? We all want the highest possible returns with the smallest possible risk, which is exactly what Ponzi schemes promise. And … Continued

No, These Expenses Aren’t Tax-Deductible

Everyone likes to save money on their taxes, but sometimes taxpayers can go too far. Certain expenditures may be completely legitimate—and even seem that they should be tax-deductible —but that doesn’t mean the tax law lets you deduct them. Here’s a roundup of 15 expenses you cannot write off because the tax law limits or … Continued

How Bankruptcy Affects Your Roth IRA

Someone facing personal bankruptcy may still have assets, such as a home, jewelry and a Roth IRA. In fact, these assets, including the Roth IRA, may be substantial. The bankruptcy process lets a debtor resolve debts while retaining certain assets. So what is the impact on your Roth IRA? Is it safe? When the Roth … Continued