Welcome to the #289th Edition of the Festival of Frugality. We’re honored to be hosting this week! Our blog is about helping you understand retirement topics as best as possible. We’re huge fans of Roth IRAs and the ability to have a completely tax-free retirement by starting saving early and maintaining that relatively small investment until retirement. Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@rothiradotcom), check out the rest of our posts, and consider opening a Roth IRA today.

Editor’s Picks:

Here are 5 Editor’s Picks, and why. Money Cone presents Focus on Recurring Expenses to Improve Savings posted at Money Cone. This is a fantastic breakdown of many costs we all have, and what you can do to save money on them. Fantastic post. Daniel presents The Pros and Cons of Being a Bum posted at Sweating The Big Stuff. Living at home after college sucks, but it can save you money. We all know that. But can it also increase your costs? No Debt MBA presents My latest money-saving technique is… laziness posted at No Debt MBA. I love the spin on this. Too lazy to spend money is an interesting take on being frugal, but it can also be an effective strategy. Even if being “lazy” equates to not living a necessarily exciting lifestyle, that can work for a period of time. Reading a library book is cheaper than going out. Money Beagle presents Frugal Tip: Understand Your Propane Refill Cost posted at Money Beagle. A simple trick used by refill companies to increase your costs by 33% can end up costing you dearly. Even if you don’t use propane this tactic is used in other industries, so read up and save money.

The rest of the amazing group of articles:

(Our comments are in italics.) Paula presents How to Fly First-Class Around the World for Free posted at AffordAnything.org. Should we blame the people abusing the system, or the government for creating such a loophole? Donna Freedman presents A frugal egg-speriment posted at Surviving and Thriving. Squirrelers presents We’re Spending Much More Than We Might Realize posted at Squirrelers. Amanda presents Companies That Pay You to Reuse Items You Already Own posted at My Dollar Plan. Easy ways to save a few dollars during your everyday activities. Kay Lynn presents 5 Ways to Save on Airfare posted at Bucksome Boomer. Jim presents Home Equity Loan Alternatives posted at Bargaineering. John presents Want Better Healthcare at a Lower Price? New Primary Care Models Are Gaining Traction posted at Wallet Blog. Interesting idea… should this catch on? Tom Drake presents Ways To Reduce Your Water Bill posted at Canadian Finance Blog. Jim Yih presents What’s your Latte Factor? posted at Retire Happy Blog. It could be a Netflix subscription or a daily vending machine habit, not just coffee. Matt presents How to Save Money at the Grocery Store posted at Stupid Cents. Glen Craig presents The High Price of Professional Degrees on Your Finances posted at Free From Broke. Great post. A degree is no guarantee of a job, and then tack on student loan debt on top of that and you have a big problem! Money Spending Mommy presents Frugal Interior Decorating posted at Money Spending Mommy. Emmie presents The Secret to Huge Savings: Use Coupons posted at Frugal Living. Is cutting coupons worth the time? Miss T. presents I Didn’t Buy an iPad (and am proud of it too!) posted at Prairie Eco Thrifter. FMF presents Great Savings Weapon: Storage Space posted at Free Money Finance. Ah, but what is the added square footage cost of that storage space? Mike presents How To Earn Air Miles Rewards posted at Rewards Cards Canada. Echo presents No Fee Banking, No More Excuses posted at Boomer & Echo. Kristia presents You Don’t Have to Be a Student To Take Advantage of Back-To-School Deals posted at Family Balance Sheet. Great point — but you still have to deal with the crowds! Fanny presents Cheap Vacation Rentals posted at Living Richly on a Budget. Heartland frugalista presents Cutting the Water Bill posted at Heartland Living on a Budget. How many of you know how to read your water meter? Would you know how to show it was read wrong?

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