Compare Roth IRA Account Providers

Most financial service providers can assist you in opening a Roth IRA account. Contrary to popular belief, a Roth IRA is nothing more than a way to tax holdings--not an investment product in and of itself. Online discount brokers tend to charge the lowest fees on trades and ongoing account maintenance.

Why Go Discount?

If you are confident in your ability to choose which assets to invest your earnings in, it is wise to go with a discount brokerage. As stated above, these brokers charge the lowest fees and allow the most flexibility in terms of investment choices. Learn more about a few of the more well known Roth IRA account providers below.



E*TRADE is one of the most trusted online brokers on the web, with over 25 years of serving investor’s retirement needs. E*TRADE offers retirement advice and guidance from Chartered Retirement Planning Counselors, who can help you create a plan, and stay on track. E*TRADE also offers powerful online tools like the Retirement Planning Calculator and Online Portfolio Advisor for investors who would prefer to build their retirement plan themselves. Here are some additional reasons why E*TRADE might make sense for you:

  • Open an IRA and Get up to $600
  • No Annual IRA Fees and No Account Minimums
  • A Full Range of Low Cost Investment Choices

Click Here to Open an Account with E*TRADE


Scottrade.com. Scottrade is the most well known discount internet broker and continuously maintains extremely high customer satisfaction numbers. While not the bottom line "cheapest" provider on our list, Scottrade provides the highest quality mix of low prices, free investing research tools, and a track record of reliability.

  • $7 stock trades
  • Robust free tools
  • Highly trusted online broker

Click Here to Open an Account with Scottrade


TradeKing was ranked #1 in customer service by SmartMoney Magazine. Trades cost a bit more but if you place a premium on ease of use, TradeKing might make the most sense despite slightly higher fees. Why consider opening a Roth IRA with TradeKing?

  • Highest customer service ranking by SmartMoney Magazine
  • Low, simple per trade pricing
  • Industry leading research tools

Click Here to Open an Account with TradeKing

The Bottom Line

Don't spend months scrutinizing every detail about a provider when you could just as well be contributing the whole time! Maxing out your Roth IRA account with any provider is going to take you much further in the long run than saving a few bucks a trade here or there.

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Important Roth Information

Each year, the IRS updates the rules for Roth IRA. Here are all the details for 2015 along with historic numbers for 2014: